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The Deptt. publishes number of books, booklets, leaflets etc., from time to time for disseminating technical know how among the farmers of the State regarding Scientific fish culture activities, Soil & water quality management technology, Disease & prevention aspect etc. Besides, information brouchers regarding Development of Fishery sector in the State for attaining self sufficiency in fish production from local sources, various achievements & success stories etc. including fish fauna of the State. The major publications so far made are:-

i. Booklet on ‘Fish culture activities throughout the year’.
ii. Booklet on ‘Fish diseases & preventive measures’.
iii. Leaflet on ‘Giant Fresh Water Prawn culture practices’.
iv. Leaflet on ‘Soil & Water quality management’.
v. ‘Training Manual ‘.
vi. ‘Revised Perspective Plan for attaining self sufficiency in fish in Tripura by 2012 A.D.
vii. ‘March towards Self sufficiency in production of fish ’
(Performance of the Deptt. – 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08).
viii. Modified Perspective Plan for attaining self sufficiency in fish in Tripura by 2011 A.D
(2008- 2011)’.
ix.Booklet on ‘Role of Fish culture in rural economic development of Tripura’- Bulletin- I.
x. Booklet on ‘Training for upgradation of skill in Fish processing’.
xi.Fish fauna- Vol-I.


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