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staple diet of majority of populace (95%) of Tripura.  In spite of available resources 21,946.20 hectares water areas, the present fish production of the state provide only half of the nutritional requirement of the state. Lack of scientific utilization of existing water area and entrepreneurship development in fisheries sector have been recognized to be the main causes of low fish production in the state                      


In view of the above scenario, the State Fisheries Deptt. has undertaken implementation of revised perspective plan since 2004-05 to bridge the gap between demand and supply of fish and to make the state self sufficient in fish production by 2012 A.D. 


1 Total water area in the State 21,946.20 ha
a) Culturable fisheries
i)   Ponds/tanks  9,145.10 ha.
ii)  Mini barrage  4,922.34 ha.
b) Capture fisheries
i) Reservoir (Gomti)
ii) Rudrasagar lake
iii)River & rivulets etc.
3,049.34 ha.
100.46 ha.
4,728.96 ha.
2 Production of fish 19,837.75 MT
3 Production of fish seed  200.93 millions.
4 Fish farmers 1,08,744 nos.
5 Number of prawn hatchery unit at Govt. level  4 nos
6 Pabda Hatchery (Govt. level) 1 no.
7 Model aqua-village 6 nos.
8 Harvesting of Dumbur fish (from 2001 onwards) 1467.99 MT
9 Soil & Water Testing Laboratory 4 nos.
10 Ornamental Fish Breeding -cum-Training Centre 1 no.

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Water Resources

The data collected recently through door to door survey indicate that aqua-resources contribute only 2.09  % of the total geographical area of the state. Out of the total aqua-resources of 21.946.20 ha. 35.90% is contributed by capture and 64.10% by culture fisheries. Category wise detailed break up is as follows :

A. Capture fisheries (as per remore sensing data from Science & Technology Deptt.)
SL no. Category of water bodies Area in hec % against total aqua resources
1 Rivers & rivulets 4728.96 21.55
2 Reservoir (Gomti) 3049.34 13.89
3 Lake (Rudrasagar) 100.46 0.46
Total   7878.76 35.90


Culture fisheries (as per recent survey conducted by the Deptt.)
SL no. Category of waterbodies Area in hec. % against total aqua resources
1 Ponds & tanks 9145.10 41.67
2 Mini-barrage 14067.44 64.10
Total   14067.44 64.10
Grand total (A+B) 21946.20 100.00


Fish production (2004-05)

 Against demand of 41,170 MT fish,  the State of Tripura is able to produce only 19,837.75 MT fish from all categories of water resources. Category wise contribution is stated below :-

SL No. Resources Fish production (ton) % of contribution in total production.
1 Culture fishery 18793.20 94.73
2 Capture fishery 1044.55 5.27
Total 19,837.75 100.00


Fish seed production 2004-05

Production of fish seed in private sector has made remarkable progress in the State. Demand of fish seed in Tripura during 2004-05 was 109.06 millions whereas the State produced 200.93 millions of seed from both in private & govt. sectors. The private seed growers were encouraged to produce more fish seed for export the surplus to the neighbouring states.


Fish farmers
Fish farming activity is main livelihood of large number of farmers of the State. They belong to general, religious minority, OBC, SC & ST community. District/ category wise number of fish farmers is indicated below :-
SL No. Name of Dist. No. of farmers Total
1 Dhalai 6360 2154 1349 143 1713 11719
2 North 5062 4332 5731 2879 3823 21827
3 South 12205 5587 4617 912 9156 32477
4 West 15235 7560 8225 3273 8398 42721
Total 38862 19633 19952 7207 23090 108744


Giant fresh water prawn hatchery

To provide the technical knowledge and culture aspect of Giant fresh water prawn (Galda Chingri) with an idea to generate more income in poly culture Deptt. established 4(four) prawn hatcheries at West, South & North district with the financial assistance from of DRDAs/FFDA and GOI. Those hatcheries are now producing prawn seed.


Pabda hatchery
To protect and conserve pabda fish, Deptt. has constructed a hatchery during 2001-02 at Melaghar,  Sonamura Sub-division with financial outlay of Rs.2.40 lakhs for breeding and propagation. Breeding conducted since 2002-03 on experimental basis which is  continued in  2005-06 also.


Model  aqua village

Area based approach for comprehensive development of fisheries is very much essential for mass awareness and motivation amongst  the fish farmers. With this aim at least one aqua-culture village is proposed to be developed in each block of the state. It is proposed to create 40(forty) such aqua-villages during implementation  of revised perspective plan in 8 years period. During 2004-05 6(six) model villages  were developed in the following panchayats:-


(i) Sukantanagar G/P of Kumarghat block.
(ii) Harinakhola G/P of  Mohanpur block.
(iii) Bikramnagar of  Jirania block.
(iv) Dukli G/P of  Dukli block.
(v) Hurijala of Kakraban block.
(vi) Kalachari of  Salema block.


Harvesting of Dumbur fish

The Govt. of Tripura has introduced a policy for selling of fish from dumbur reservoir to fishermen on royalty basis since 15th October, 2001 onwards. There are 846 nos. licence holder fishermen who are residing in and around the reservoir. This policy has encouraged the fishermen to harvest fish significantly from the reservoir. During the period from 2001 to 2004-05 the harvested quantity of fish was 1467.99 MT against which the Deptt. earned Rs.47.72 lakhs as royalty.


Soil & water testing laboratory

Knowledge about soil and water quality of aquaculture resources is most  essential for scientific fish culture. The Deptt. already installed 4 soil and water testing laboratories in 4 districts of the state. All are now functioning at Agartala, Kumarghat, Kamalpur and Udaipur.


Ornamental fish breeding-cum-training centre

Ornamental fish trade can open new avenues for self-employment and income generation in the State. The state possesses good number of fish species. Some of them  can be popularized as ornamental fish. Recently Department established one ornamental fish breeding cum training centre at College tilla, Agartala.



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