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SL no. Name of programme/items Achievement 2005-06 Target      2006-2007
1 Comprehensive programme to increase level of fish production    
  a) Dev. of Model Aqua-village 4 Nos. 8 Nos.
b) Encouragement of scientific fish culture in other than
 140 Nos. 150 Nos.
c) Demonstration of scientific fish culture in other then Model Aquavillages.  454 Nos. 1229 Nos.
d) Cluster approach for popularizing medium cost Input farming system -- 4 villages
e) Demos. In prawn culture for Dev. of prawn village 10 Nos. 84 unit
f) Prodn. of prawn seed in Govt farm 7.15 lakhs 10.00 lakhs
g) Prodn. of pabda seed 4,000 nos. 10,000 nos.
h)Pen culture, rancing etc. 32 ha. 20 ha.
2 Scheme for Extension,Information,
Education, Training & FFDA.
  a) Training to the fish farmers(In nos) 5600 8200
b) 1 day awareness & motivation programme (in nos.) 223 camps 1076 camp
c) Training & exposure visit of farme/officials both inside & outside the State.  200 nos.  450 nos./
30 officials
d) Supply of 1st year inputs 1875 nos. 2500 nos.
e) Stocking of fingerlings under conservation & awareness
prog.of reservoir.
19.67 lac.. 20.00 lac.
f) Dev. of rearing units 18 ha. 20.00 ha.
g) Const. of awareness cenatre 1 no. 1 no.
h) Distribution of boats & nets to Dumbur fishermen. 215 units. 400 units
3 Revitalization & Support to Fishermen Coop. Societies    
  a) Assistance to Primary Fishery Coop. Society in the form of share capital for fish culture activity in their tank. 15 31Nos.
b) Assistance in the form of Managerial Subsidy to Fisheries Coop. Societies 17 31Nos.
c) Constn. of community hall for recreation of the
-- 1Nos.
d) Distribution of fishing materials for harvest of fish. -- 30Nos.
e) Constn./upgradation of fish market 3 nos. 3 Nos.
4 Scheme for National Welfare of Fishermen Families(50:50)    
  a) Constn. of dwelling house 119 nos 120 Nos.
5 Scheme for Strengthening of Fisheries Organization    
  a) Constn. of fish feed analysis lab. -- 1 no.
b) Estt. of soil & water testing lab. 4 nos. 8 nos.

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